African American Wellness Project and Linkwell Health Partner to Provide Vital Prostate Cancer Information and Resources During National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

WASHINGTON, DC (September 21, 2022) — September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and the African American Wellness Project (AAWP), a nonprofit organization that empowers the African American community to advocate for and take charge of their health, has partnered with Linkwell Health, the premier digital content marketing and consumer experience technology company in healthcare, to bring prostate cancer awareness, disparities, and treatment in the Black community to the forefront. The goal of this partnership is to provide easy-to-understand information, tips, and resources about prostate cancer that will enable Black men to protect their health.

Prostate cancer is the second-most common cancer among men, and Black men are 2.1 times as likely to die from prostate cancer as white men. This difference in mortality is one of the largest racial disparities in any cancer. There are also disparities in prostate cancer screening relative to the increased risk. For example, it has been reported that Black men are less likely to receive their prostate screenings, and they are less likely to be offered these screenings by their doctor. Additionally, Black men ages 40 to 54 with elevated PSA levels were about 40% less likely to get a prostate MRI than their white counterparts. This can be due to financial barriers, less access to adequate health facilities in Black communities, or even medical mistrust that leads Black people to be less likely to receive routine care.

The good news is that the five-year survival rate for Black men diagnosed with prostate cancer (at any stage) is 96%. Prostate cancer is considered one of the most curable forms of cancer, but getting an early diagnosis for this disease is still crucial, as it can improve outcomes and increase the rate of survival.

AAWP serves as a megaphone for trusted information that enables and encourages African Americans  to better navigate the healthcare system, advocate for themselves, and receive improved care, regardless of insurance or circumstances. Black men must stay on top of their routine screenings for prostate cancer starting at age 40.

“Prostate cancer is one of AAWP’s focus areas, especially since AAWP founder Dr. Michael LeNoir was recently diagnosed with and recovered from prostate cancer,” says AAWP executive director Monique Pittman. “National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is a time to learn more about prostate cancer and support those who are affected, and we are extremely grateful to Linkwell for partnering with us to provide original valuable content. We are well aware that differences in treatment have an impact in prostate cancer deaths and that Black men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer are 27% less likely to receive any type of treatment for their condition compared to their white counterparts.” 

Together, through this partnership, Linkwell and AAWP will make it easier for minorities to learn:

  • Ways to prevent prostate cancer
  • What to do if you’ve been diagnosed
  • How to choose the right prostate cancer treatment for you
  • 5 things Black men should know about their prostate cancer risk
  • What to know about prostate cancer screening


“The key to making healthcare accessible to all is to make it understandable to all,” says Nathan Adams, president and chief executive officer of Linkwell Health. “High-quality, consumer-centric digital content improves health literacy and equity — and empowers people to take actions to improve their health. We’re honored to partner with AAWP to provide trustworthy prostate cancer information to communities that lack it.”

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About the African American Wellness Project

Founded more than a decade ago, the African American Wellness Project (AAWP) was formed to respond to health disparities in the African American community and is dedicated to health equity and better health outcomes for people of color. AAWP is particularly focused on improving the health of the African American community by serving as a megaphone for trusted knowledge and information and providing guides and resources that enable and encourage African Americans to advocate for themselves and receive improved care, regardless of insurance or circumstances. Visit for more information.